Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Where did Spring go ????

I can't take being in the house another day. The kids are older now and they get into everything. And we won't even get into the fighting, crying, screaming, biting... need I say more?

It's like I've done a complete 180.. I hated going "out in public" all the gawking, staring, 1000+ questions. I'll take that in a heartbeat now.

This time I'm going to be prepared though. I am making a sign with all the questions.. along with the answers and I'm attaching it to the wagon...

** Disclaimer **
Do not read unless you have a sense of humor.
** RULES **
DO NOT ask me about Octomom or Jon & Kate

1. Are they all yours or do you run a daycare?...Yes they are all mine.. NO I do not run a daycare but I could!

2. How old are they? ... Almost four and 1 1/2.

3. OH so they are triplets?? um... YA unless you failed math.

4. Wow you really have you hands full?? Thanks for pointing that out.. now could you hold the door open for me!!!

5. What's it like??... What is what like??

6. What's it like having triplets??.. ( blank stare ) Do you want the long or short version?

7. Here is one of my favorites.. (when the older boys are with me..) OH at least you have help.... Seriously? HELLO they are teenage boys!

8.This is REALLY one of my favorites..... you are blessed. Thank You. Yes I am.

Feel free to add any I left out, forgot or maybe haven't heard. YET...

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