Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I just gotta share this...

I have yet again been lead astray. I realize I haven't posted in a while and since I really have nothing at the moment.. Well nothing I really have TIME to put together at this moment. I will instead just share a post from another blogger.

Although 99% of the others I follow are Mommies. It's nice to get a male perspective now and then that is why I love this guy!

Those of you who know me.. KNOW I can put most sailors, truckers, and just about any foul mouth out there to shame. Although this is not a trait I am proud of as a matter of fact I have been trying so hard to stop the cussing here I think the frustration of it all has actually has me cussing more.. HUH.. go figure.

Some of you may even recall my FB post a while back... you know it's time to stop cussing when you say..Son of a... and then hear B!TC# in stereo! (from your 4 small children! )

But today the guilt has been lifted just a little..Fuck Ya! I mean Thank You....

Check him out when you get the chance.. he'll have you laughing, crying and cussing or is it laughing and crying because you're cussing?


  1. How the FUCK did I not know you had a blog bitch?
    I'm totally messing with ya---on the cussing part.

    I'm gonna go wash my fingers out with soap now.

    So glad I found your blog butter cup :)

  2. Oh hell---I see that I *****DID***** know you had a blog. Fuck.

    I must have been blacked out all this time.

    (I wish)

    Gonna go wash these fingers out with soap again :)