Monday, November 2, 2009

Coming Soon...

Halloween pics.

I will post them as soon as I can get my FIL to e-mail them.

I was so sick all day on Halloween I don't even remember much of the day really except for my husband saying.. when are you going to get up?? Never if I keep feeling like this!

Anyway I had to call in reinforcements just in case. So I had my in-laws come over to help with the kids and hopefully get some pictures. I am chomping at the bit waiting to see if I will have to dress all the kids again just so I can hopefully get one keeper.

However despite by illness I did manage to muster up enough strength to go out with the kiddos for a little bit. They were so freakin cute!

Michael had no time to waste waiting for his siblings so he was always a few steps ahead.

Alyssa was the only one out of the trio that I could get to say trick-or treat.

Joey would get so mad if we got to a house and there was no candy left of if no one answered the door. Thank goodness he's only 2 and can't do much damage ;O

Kayla had to inspect every piece of candy she was given and would hold her own little protest on each stoop until she got what or how much she wanted!

As for Preston and Devin well they were off somewhere probably scaring other kids and stealing their candy! Well not really but there were a few bratty kids who would have deserved it!

Hopefully I'll have some pictures soon one way or another.

Hope everyone had a great Halloween.

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