Friday, April 16, 2010


Hello...Is this thing on?

Has it really been 6 months since my last post? My God where does the time go? All is well here. The kids are doing good. Keeping my busy and on my toes. Although there are days when I would rather just run away to the funny farm. I'm sure it would be ALOT more quiet there.

So Preston is attending college. Devin is enlisting in the Marines. Michael is starting Kindergarden. And Alyssa, Kayla and Joey are no longer babies. They are getting so big it still amazes me that they are going to be THREE already.

With the warmer weather approaching we have lots of plans for the summer. Hopefully a family trip before Devin leaves for boot camp. I will try and post pictures of our adventures as they happen.

It feels good to be back........

Our SPRING storm!





No your eyes are not playing tricks on you.. We had over 2 feet of snow one day and then out on the bikes just couple weeks later!!


  1. YAY! I'm finally back to my blog too. except your better than me, mine was almost a whole year to the day between posts! YIKES!

    I can't believe our kids are gonna be 3! Doesn't it seem like just yesterday we were riding the newborn preemie roller coaster?!

    We need to set up the web cams and have a little triplet on triplet b-day party! They can sing to each other and eat cupcakes together! HAHAHA! Your trio is ADORABLE! I wanna squeeze em!

    See, I actually do like little people, I just tend to like other peoples little people more than my own. :)

    You've got to be so proud of Devin. I know it's scary but you've done an awesome job of raising a strong and brave young man!

    I can't believe you have a kid in college! I mean, I know you have older kids but it's just crazy that they are that old! (Wait, that didn't come out right did it? You get the drift! ;))

    Post more often dammit! If I can do it so can you!

    Hmmmm....I just had another thought, maybe your family road trip before Devin leaves for boot camp needs to be to Chicago. We've got lots to offer here! Just putting it out there! hehehe

  2. P.S. Get your ass back on Twitter! Hook that thing up to your phone! We miss you over there!

  3. Lovin' that summer umbrella amidst the Spring Snowstorm!!!!

  4. LOL @ Daune! My son told me he put those up because he didn't want the snow to melt.. ( he was going to keep it cool in the shade ) You have got to love how a five year old mind works!