Sunday, July 5, 2009


The block is still standing and no one lost any limbs! The girls may be permanently traumatized though.

"Leagally" the fireworks are not suppossed to leave the ground but try explaining that to a group of grown men.

And despite the fact that yesterday was our 6 year Wedding Anniversary ( and I didn't even get a card!) Mike has an issue with priorities... It's more important to have lots of stuff to blow up than to buy your wife a gift.

Anyway.. I'll let it go THIS TIME!?

Here are a few pictures I managed amidst the chaos... I mean festivities!

Alyssa was much happier once we were inside.

Kayla.. not so much

Joey could care less either way..

Michael was out side with the rest of the "boys" trying to SHOW OFF to the neighbors.. after all what fun is it to blow stuff up without a little neighborly competion..

OK maybe they were one up on us for that one.. I have more video but don't have the time or patience for that matter.. to edit any of it together.. so that will have to do..

OH and no party is complete without..

yes.. CAKE! I made it myself are you impressed?? The recipe is from a good friend mine.. we like to call it "better than sex cake" really Linda.. tell them.. and for Mike's sake he better hope it is because.. we ALL know, no gift no...

Hope everyone had a Happy 4th of July!

( and if you want the cake recipe let me know )

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  1. How fun! My husband and a couple of buddies had a roman candle war in my back yard two years ago. One is on the SWAT team and was the biggest sissy of all. :) It was funny to watch them run around like a bunch of teenagers. They even made shields out of plywood and cabinet handles...RIDICULOUS! I'm glad you guys had fun and I hope he makes the gift situation up to you!